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Founded in 1998, The Dudukner Ensemble has been performing internationally for over a decade.  They have performed and scored music in award winning films, including the 2004 documentary entitled, ‘Eternal Hour’ (a film about Narekatzy), the 2005 Kiev International Film Festival First prize winner, ‘In the Open Air’, and won first place during the ‘Golden Apricot’ film festival in Yerevan, Armenia.   In addition to numerous scoring for international films, they gained high praise for the film, “Long Way Home’ featuring Isabel Bayrakdarian for their outstanding arrangements of three folk songs by Komitas.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes Armenian folk, Gussan songs, sacred music, along with a wide variety of world music.  A considerable part of the repertoire is focused on the works of Armenian composers: Komitas, Yekmalian, Pahlavuni, Shnorhali.  Because of Georgy’s work as an inventor, the duduk instrument’s range was expanded, allowing for classical and contemporary music to be a part of their concert repertoire.   The music of Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and other modern composers are a popular attraction to their performances.

Georgy Minasov (sr)

Georgy Minasov Bio

The founder of the Dudukner Ensemble, Georgy Minasov (Minasian) was born in Baku, Azerbaijan.  He graduated from the Baku Musical College, during which time he worked as a soloist of the Folk Instruments Orchestra in Azerbaijan State Radio and Television.  In 1983 he moved to Yerevan and has been an ongoing soloist of the Gussan and Folk Music Ensemble ever since.  He is a professor at the R. Melikian Music College in Yerevan.  Maestro Minasov has performed internationally throughout western and eastern Europe, along with Middle East, Russia, and North America.  He is the author of three academic music books on how to play duduk.  In addition to his career as a duduk performer, he is also the inventor of several contemporary modifications to the traditional duduk.  By adding additional ligature and mechanics, he successfully expanded the instrument’s range and possible repertoire.  Many of Georgy’s recordings and concerts are performed with these ‘contemporary’ duduks.  Georgy was awarded a copyright for his inventions in 2002.


Georgy Minasov (jr)

Georgy Minassian

Georgy Minasyan was born in Yerevan in 1992.  He is a graduate of Yereven State Conservatory after Komitas, department of Choral conducting.  Georgy has been a First Prize winner of two prestigious Armenian Republic competitions.  In 2009, he was awarded best performer of Komitas’s works at an international festival dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Komitas.   Among his recent recognition, he was  showcased on Shant TV’s televised ‘New Choices’ duduk competition.  Georgy has been with the ensemble since 2007.

Other awards and recognition include:

2005 – First Place Winner at the Republican Competition for young musicians

2007 – First Place Winner at the Center of Armenian Folk Music Competition by the Ministry of Culture.  Sponsored by UNESCO.

2009 – Awarded Best Performance of Komitas,  at the International Competition and Festival of ‘Revival’ musicians, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Komitas.

2010 – Silver Medal award in the Jivan Gasparyan Duduk Competition.

2010 – Finalist in Shant TV’s ‘New Choices’ televised Duduk Competition.

2013 – Winner and presented a special diploma at the 5th International ‘Revival’ Festival and Competition.

2010 to present – Working at the R. Melikyana State Music College in Yerevan.


Artak Asatryan

Artak Asatryan

Artak Asatryan was born in 1985.  Since the age of 9 he has performed as a soloist in Children State Philharmonic Society.  Now he is a student of Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas.  Artak has been with the ensemble since 2003.

Other awards and recognition include:

1997 – 2nd place winner at the Republican duduk competition.

2001 – Received special recognition at the ‘Golden Apricot’ International Festival for master performance of the duduk.

2006 – Participating in the ‘Gusanskoy’ and ‘Ashtarak’ ensembles, performing all over the world.  working at the Yerevan State College of im.R.Melikyana teacher duduk.

2010 – Finalist in Shant TV’s ‘New Choices’ televised Duduk Competition.

2010 – Teaching the art of duduk performance at the Babadzhanjan State College in Yerevan

2011 -  Performing as soloist in the ‘Tagaran’ ensemble, focusing on ancient music.


Tigran Avetisyan

tigran Avettisyan

Tigran Avetisyan was born in 1978 and is a graduate from the Yerevan State Pedagogical University, faculty of culture, department of folk instruments.  He works in State Ensemble of folk and gussan song of Armenia.  Tigran Avetisyan has been with the ensemble since 1998.

Other awards and recognition include:

1997 – Third Place Winner the the Republican Competition in Duduk.

2002 – Gold Medal Winner at the ‘Amadeus’ International Competition


“Manvel” Khosrov Mnatsakanyan


Khosrov Mnatsakanyan was born in Ashtarak in 1956.  From 1977 to 1991 he was a duduk player in the Ensemble of folk instruments of Armenia.  From 1992 to 2008 he worked as a duduk player in the State Ensemble of gussan and folk song of Armenia.  He joined the Dudukner Ensemble in 2000.


Mher Mnatsakanyan


Mher Mnatzakanian was born in Yerevan in 1984.  He graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, department of wind instruments.  Mher Mnatsakanyan is a laureate of state and international festivals.  He has been with the ensemble since 2005.


Tatyana Minasyan

Tatyana Minasyan

Tatyana Minasyan is the Director of the Dudukner Ensemble and Arahet Choir.  From 1992 to 2002, Tatyana was a member at the State Chamber Choir  “Hover” performing in many countries around the world.  In 2000, the choir was awarded at the International Choir Olympics in Linz, Austria.   Tatyana continues to lecture in the ‘State of Pop-Jazz College Lecture Series’

Other awards and recognition include:

1999 to 2013 – Worked as choirmaster at the Chuhadzhana School of Music in Yerevan.

2003 – Founded the ‘ARAHET’ women’s choir in celebration at the Children and Youth Center of Art Education and Culture, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.  The Choir “ARAHET” has performed in many countries around the world.

2005 – Tatyana received an honorary award for the cultural education of young people.

2007 – Awarded a diploma from the Ministry of Culture for Outstanding  Contribution in the education of Future Musicians.

2008 – Prize winner at the festival in Burgas,  Bulgaria.

2010 – Performed at the International Choir Competition in Neoshatel, Switzerland, winning third place.

2011 – Winning First Place prize at the ‘Golden Dolphin’ competion in Batumi, Georgia

2011 – Winning First Place at the Republican Festival for Youth Choirs sponsored by the International Armenian Congress and Union of Armenians of Russia and the Ministry of Culture.